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  • Causes and symptoms of cystitis in women. Treatment of the disease with medications: antibiotics and uroséptics, antispasmodics, homeopathic remedies, suppositories for vaginal administration, therapeutic washes.
    5 January 2021
  • Treatment of cystitis with folk remedies. Causes and symptoms of cystitis. How to cure cystitis with home remedies. Bathing and physiotherapy procedures. Nutrition for cystitis.
    7 August 2020
  • In women, the bladder often needs emptying than men, and more prone to attack by various microbes, viruses and bacteria that can cause cystitis in women. The three main symptoms of cystitis – pain, dysuria, changes in urine.
    1 January 2020
  • Flippant attitude to the disease, self-medication without consulting a doctor and tests cystitis may lead to development of more serious diseases of the female genitourinary system.
    24 December 2019