Cystitis in men

The main signs and symptoms of cystitis in men – more frequent urination. Cystitis treatment for men is conducted according to General recommendations applying the drugs-antibiotics and other medications.

The symptoms of cystitis in men


The symptoms of cystitis in men appear quite rare. The question is whether cystitis in men many patients respond negatively, because we are still faced with cystitis. Often patients confuse cystitis with symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases and rush to the appropriate specialist. Nevertheless, cystitis affects both women and men, although the symptoms do not occur so often.

Appears cystitis in men, the classic symptoms – too-frequent urge to urinate that cannot be controlled and patients rush to the toilet. The process does not always end successfully – a man can not urinate, although the urge remains.

All this time the condition of the patients is accompanied by uncomfortable sensations, but if the causes of cystitis in men are associated with calculi, the pain can be felt extremely strong. Also reduces the amount of urine that occurs when cystitis, and at night a incontinence. Urine contains a purulent admixture, increased number of white blood cells visually or microscopically observed hematuria.

In addition to these signs there may be additional symptoms that occur in everyone in various degrees:

  • weakness and dizziness;
  • the patient becomes less active;
  • falling efficiency;
  • there are signs of fever – chills and fever.

These symptoms, some patients may not manifest, if the inflammation is not so big. But in most cases, the symptoms of cystitis in men are accompanied by a burning sensation and sharp pains. Patients complain of pain in the penis, especially in the supine position, if there is discomfort in the scrotum and pubic area.

Sometimes cystitis in men of acute and chronic in nature.

Acute cystitis in men provokes a sudden pain and cramps during urination. Pain in the lower abdomen and along the course of the urethra. After attempts of urination in patients allocated even a small amount of urine, which is evidence of irritation of the sphincter. The urine in acute cystitis has an unpleasant smell, its color varies from dull yellow to dirty green, depending on the amount of manure. May show streaks of blood. The symptoms of acute cystitis in men may disappear or significantly weaken, if the disease has become chronic.

The symptoms of chronic cystitis in men is manifested not so obviously. That is why this form of the disease represents for patients a great danger. In chronic cystitis severe pain and cramps are absent. Sensation in case of cystitis in men does not detect disease, but are aching discomfort in the abdomen, and in the urine may from time to time to see blood.

Hemorrhagic cystitis in men is evidence of the destruction of the walls of the bladder and the integrity of blood vessels. Temperature cystitis chronic type may be normal or slightly elevated. Chronic cystitis in men is threatened by the development of concomitant diseases of the urogenital area.

Treatment of cystitis in men

In the treatment of cystitis men must be strictly follow the doctor's instructions. This will significantly help to reduce the recovery time of the patient. When contacting the clinic, the doctor focuses on the following points:

  • the necessity of maintaining the regime in cystitis;
  • diet;
  • taking anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics;
  • a reasonable combination of methods of folk treatment;
  • if necessary – carrying out of physiotherapeutic events.

Before starting therapy of the disease, you need to provide a urine sample for bacterial analysis and to identify the pathogen that triggered the inflammation of the bladder. After the results are much easier to pick up the antibiotics for cystitis in men, because the drug needs to give the maximum effect in therapy.

Also important is diet in cystitis in men – so as not to provoke irritation of the bladder, the patients are prohibited from many products, so proper diet must be strictly adhere to.

As for the mode of treatment of the disease, cystitis treatment for men at home the waves possible – at home, you must stay in bed. Treatment of cystitis in men in a medical establishment may be required if:

  • severe intoxication;
  • the threat of perforation of the bladder;
  • the occurrence of complications.

During treatment, the prerequisite is sexual abstinence, as there is a risk of infecting a sexual partner and worsen their state of health

To remove the signs of intoxication and to organize the evacuation of pathogenic microorganisms need to consume more fluids. Drink cystitis need at least two liters of water, and if you are not swelling to increase daily fluid intake to 2.5 liters. You can apply pure water, tea, herbal decoctions and infusions. Especially useful are mineral water, for example, Essentuki-4.

The effects of cystitis can be severe, if the disease is not cured fully is and incontinence, the defeat of the muscular layer of the bladder, worsening sexual function. After treatment important prevention of cystitis in men, because the infection can become active again and the disease will recur. At the time of treatment of the disease men is given sick leave.

Drugs cure cystitis in men

To treat cystitis in men medication is necessary after the analysis of urine determination of the pathogen. Treatment of cystitis in men is, above all, antibiotic therapy, which included a cure for cystitis in men from the group of penicillins, fluoroquinolones, sulfonamides, nitrofurans.

Fast treatment tablets cystitis is possible with the application of fosfomycin, which is included in various medications. This remedy against cystitis in men will help to cope for a couple of days with the symptoms of inflammation, but the most effective is a drug used in acute cystitis, and the start of therapy, in the first days of the onset of symptoms.

Medication for cystitis in men, appointed only by a physician after personal consultation. In some cases there is a need to combine therapy, or a phased treatment with multiple drugs. Patients in any case can purchase pills cystitis for men on the advice of friends or acquaintances – they can hurt.

Treatment medicines of cystitis in men can be combined with the methods of folk medicine. However, you should always remember that the treatment of cystitis folk remedies can not replace a physician. It is only additional methods used with pills, but not instead of them. The best herb for cystitis, UVA URSI, centaury, cranberry, horsetail, lovage, rosemary. Many of them are in tablets means.