One of the more unpleasant diseases, which are widespread in the modern world, the phenomenon is inflammation of the urinary bladder or cystitis. This disease can be independent, or may be a complication of other pathologies. Cystitis — a disease of the urinary tract, consisting in the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bladder. It is found in both men and women, and children. Female gender is more susceptible to the disease because of the nature of their whole anatomy: female urethra is short and wide, which is very convenient for the penetration of infection into the body. Many people think that cystitis is a female disease. Here a question arises, or google + cystitis in men? Answer: of course, google+ is easy and less. The percentage incidence of cystitis among women is about 25%, and men — of 0.5%.

The occurrence of cystitis


The main reason for the development of infectious inflammatory process of the bladder phenomenon is Escherichia coli, but the danger is well as chlamydia, Ureaplasma, and fungi Candida. Development of cystitis contribute to a sedentary lifestyle causing poor circulation of the pelvic organs and bladder, decrease in immunity, violation of material exchange, menopause, consumption of spicy food and diabetes. Cystitis occurs in two forms: acute and chronic. In acute cystitis the patient has frequent and painful urination with a possible release of blood. The symptoms of chronic cystitis are similar, but not so bright discovered. Chronic cystitis in the absence of necessary treatment may proceed in the interstitial.

All forms can make a serious etnia changes in the habitual way of life, reduce performance and contribute to psychological disturbances, so when the first symptoms should begin proper treatment from a specialist. Treatment of cystitis do urologists and gynaecologists. These specialists determine how to treat inflammation of the bladder, prescribe, which usually include pills to boost immunity, reduce inflammation and antibiotics.

Speaking of women's cystitis, it is important to mention that this disease is likely to worsen before menstruation. Cystitis during menstruation is a fairly common phenomenon on Java. During this period, due to the anatomical and biological peculiarities of the female body the penetration of bacteria, protozoa, and viruses in the genital tract and the urethra becomes more fast and dangerous. Yes besides during menstruation immunity women or girls are very vulnerable and emitted blood upon failure to comply with hygiene can be a great source of food for the intruders. Moreover, in the vagina are fungi of the genus Candida, capable of reducing the immunity themselves provoke cystitis.

Kids cystitis is also more prevalent in girls than in boys. This is due to the close short coat of the urinary system and anus. Also inflammation of the urinary bladder in children may be caused by hypothermia, weakening of the immune system and hereditary factors. Cystitis in children contributes to the continuous wearing of diapers, which is so prevalent today, and the presence of stones in urinary organs.

Inflammation of the urinary bladder in men is typical for the Mature age. Men's symptoms are identical to women's. Almost always the cause of cystitis in men lies in the penetration of infection through the blood hell inflamed nearby organs. In addition to traditional perception of the causes of cystitis, and possible psychosomatic provocation. Psychosomatics cystitis may be the place to be, because this disease manifests itself in a period of life change. Often inflammation of the urinary bladder seen in people who tend to restrain their emotions or to suppress them.

Types of cystitis

As noted above, we distinguish cystitis acute and chronic forms. Under an acute inflammation of the bladder understand first the phenomenon was the patient's cystitis, which is not passed into a chronic disease. The aggravation of cystitis and acute cystitis is not synonymous. Exacerbation testify to the complications of the disease. In the absence of effective and complete treatment of cystitis from acute becomes chronic. The development of acute cystitis unexpectedly. The symptoms of acute cystitis appear brighter than chronic. Cystitis is diverse in its types. Doctors there are the following types: hemorrhagic, interstitial, radiation, sex, post-coital, cervical, chemical, allergic and parasitic cystitis. Consider in more detail:

  • hemorrhagic cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder, provoked by the infection. It is characterized by the urine z foul smell and bleeding;
  • if interstitial cystitis is an inflammatory process develops as a result of non-infectious nature. This species is characterized by painful sensations as the bladder fills and decrease AB pit. If interstitial cystitis is inflamed not only the mucous membrane, but submucosal layer;
  • one of the consequences of radiation therapy phenomenon is radiation cystitis. It happens in e due to the damage of mucous membrane of the bladder;
  • due to changes in the microflora on the basis of sex, sexual cystitis develops. Its subspecies venereal cystitis caused by diseases that are transmitted sexually;
  • if you get an infection in the urethra and bladder develops post-coital cystitis. The main pathogens are considered to be E. coli, Mycoplasma and other infections;
  • cervical cystitis — inflammation of bladder neck. This may be manifested by urinary incontinence;
  • when metabolic disorders may develop cystitis, in particular, when the kidneys start to secrete crystals of calcium salts;
  • when the intoxication of the bladder develops chemical cystitis, but it is not very common;
  • penetrated into the human body allergens (in the form of food, medicines, cosmetics and household chemicals) can cause allergic cystitis;
  • helminth infection often can cause a parasitic form of cystitis.


Regardless of ad type of cystitis in the treatment will include antibiotics, possible bed rest, dry heat, herbal tea, and adequate fluid intake.

The symptoms of cystitis

The symptoms of cystitis in women, men, and children are largely identical. As a rule, cystitis triggers a frequent urination in small portions, which brings a feeling of pain and burning. The urine becomes turbid and acquires a strong unpleasant odor. There are cases of allocation of a small amount of blood along with urine. Cystitis may experience weakness and pain in the lumbar region. The symptoms of cystitis in children and in elderly people is expressed not so bright and can manifest as changes in temperature, stomach pain and nausea. In adulthood, the cystitis may be asymptomatic. Another symptom of cystitis phenomenon is urinary incontinence.

Cystitis in children is not always determined, because the child is more difficult to explain their condition and the nature of pain, and infants and are not able to explain anything. In children there is usually a state of weakness, discomfort in the abdomen, cramps and burning sensation as adults. The color of urine becomes dark yellow. The child becomes lethargic, and there is a temperature Yes 38 degrees. Cystitis in boys is less common than in girls.

Causes of cystitis

The most common cause of cystitis is considered penetration into the bladder through the urethra of bacteria. Cystitis after intercourse develops because of prolonged friction of the urethra. Typically, the first symptoms of cystitis after sexual relations has been observed for 12 hours. The cause of cystitis may be allergic to intimate cosmetics. In children the cause of cystitis may be pathology of the urinary organs, if it disrupts the course of urine and she can get back into the ureter. In the elderly is often complicated by the process of moving, and they lead a sedentary lifestyle. This leads to incomplete emptying of the bladder is rare and the urine that may lead to the development of cystitis. Cystitis affects people who often refrain from urinating for a variety of reasons. The presence of tumor may be one of the causes of cystitis, ale geta phenomenon is not a frequent occurrence.


Causes of cystitis in women are associated with disorders of the vaginal flora. Most often, women appear infectious and allergic types of inflammation. Gonorrhea with no less success can provoke cystitis. Greater risk for women is considered hypothermia. Thus, select the most common causes of cystitis in women:

  • lack of personal hygiene;
  • hypothermia (sitting on cold);
  • urinary stasis;
  • a weak immune system;
  • pregnancy;
  • surgical intervention in the genital organs and infection.

Causes of cystitis in men — diseases of the urinary system, against which the inflammation of the bladder phenomenon is a complication. In General, the reasons are similar to women: the stagnation of urine, hypothermia, E. coli and gonorrhea (and other STDs) also provoke the disease. Cystitis in men may be associated with tuberculosis of the genitourinary system. In the presence of infectious and viral diseases cystitis may develop due to hematogenous route. Development of cystitis contribute to diabetes, trauma to the abdomen, stress and surgical intervention in the genitourinary system.

Diagnosis cystitis

The basis for the diagnosis of cystitis phenomena are laboratory tests. To confirm or identify the cystitis, the patient may be directed to surrender the following tests:

  • General blood analysis — provides an opportunity to identify inflammatory process in increase in ESR and white blood cells;
  • urinalysis — the presence of cystitis shows protein. The results of microscopic examination of the sediment in cystitis will give an increase in white blood cells and red blood cells. In cystitis the urine becomes turbid, and can acquire a pinkish color in case of separation of blood;
  • urine analysis according to Nechyporenko — so its appeal in cases of the presence in the urine sediment of red blood cells and high white blood cell count. For this analysis it is necessary to pass the average urine stream in the morning;
  • bacteriological diagnosis of urine allows to establish the culprit of cystitis. Geta is important for determination of antibacterial therapy;
  • special test strips for leukocytes allow to calculate their high concentration in the urine;
  • test strips for nitrites give the opportunity to detect infection in the urinary tracks.


Menstruating women should not pass urine for tests, as the results can be false.

Rules of urine samples cystitis

Before beginning Yes collect morning urine, it is necessary to wash genitals with warm water or disinfectant solution. Yes, urine can not eat foods that can affect urine color, it is better not to drink fruit drinks, fruit drinks and yogurt (affects acid flora). Cannot take diuretics and laxatives.

Treatment of cystitis

Is there a cure for cystitis forever? This is probably the main issue of concern to people who are faced with this disease personally. It is possible, if during starting the right treatment. How and what to treat cystitis

Usually, the doctor chooses therapy. Verify that the number of daily consumption of water should be at least 2-2,5 liters, and the diet of Maya on the mind, the intake of diuretic foods and avoiding alcohol, coffee, spicy, fried, smoked, salty, sour, canned food and preservatives. Adherence to these modes of the phenomenon is a General rule in the treatment of cystitis in women, men and children. Let us examine in more detail aspects of the treatment of cystitis.

Treatment of cystitis in women does not require hospitalization and can be performed at home. To help cope with the unpleasant symptoms will help warmer, applied Yes the lower abdomen, and a warm bath. During the treatment of cystitis women will have to temporarily give up sex. To subdue the inflammation will help candles with belladonna. Subject to the requirements of the doctor, the treatment lasts less than a week. Important questions for women: how to treat cystitis in pregnancy and dangerous for captivity?

Cystitis — a disease which, without proper treatment during pregnancy may cause complications such as infections of the kidney and premature birth. For the treatment of cystitis during pregnancy doctors choose the safest drugs. Complexity causes infectious cystitis, because its treatment requires antibiotics, which is not recommended for captivity. Cystitis after childbirth develops from the clamped position of the bladder and disturbance of its circulation in the period of labor, catheterization and cooling, and also due to postpartum immune impairment. Cystitis, which phenomena appeared in the period of breastfeeding, it is safer to treat with herbal drugs.

To eliminate the pain,frequent urge and urination, doctors will prescribe antispasmodic drugs and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Physiotherapy and sanatorium are good assistants to improve after the exacerbation and in remission.

be healthy!

Treatment of cystitis in children should appoint and control solely by the physician. Self-prescription of antibiotics to children may lead to serious etnia health problems in the future. Sick children and adult patients required rest, diet and warm sitz baths. The main task of parents in the treatment of children phenomenon is strict compliance with medical recommendations, in particular the dosage of drugs and duration of their application. Chronic cystitis in children is mainly phenomenon is a consequence of Filozov, genital infections, urethritis, diverticula, and other diseases. This suggests that, on the basis of comorbidity, and emphasises the treatment of chronic cystitis.

To prevent cystitis in children and adults is helpful to take preventive measures. Prevention of cystitis includes compliance with the rules of hygiene (water treatment with soap and water every day), wearing clean underwear, strengthening the immune system, good and healthy food.